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NHC Spring School and Workshop on Discrete Algorithms

We welcome your participation in the following 3-day spring school and the 2-day workshop. Both are supported by NHC, New Horizons in Computing, the TCS research project in Japan.

Spring School:
Feb 27 -- Mar 1,
University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo
Main Library Building, 3rd Floor
Mar 2 -- Mar 3,
Chofu Creston Hotel, Chofu, Tokyo
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Presentation Slides
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Spring School will be held in Chofu, Tokyo. The conference will be located in The University of Electro-Communications (UEC). The UEC campus is a ten-minute walk from Chofu Station. On the other hand, Workshop will be held at Chofu Creston Hotel, which is located in front of Chofu Station.
From Narita Airport to Chofu station:
(a) by Keisei Line: Take a Narita skyliner to Ueno Station and transfer to JR Yamanote Line. Take a train from Ueno to Shinjuku. At Shinjuku, transfer to Keio Line and get off at Chofu station,
(b) by JR: Take a Narita express to Shinjuku Station and transfer to Keio Line bound for west and get off at Chofu Station,
(c) by bus: A limousine bus runs from the airport to Shinjuku station. At Shinjuku, transfer to Keio Line and get off at Chofu station.
Online Registration:
Online registraton has been closed.

Registration fee: 15,000JPY (banquet included)
student registration: 5,000JPY (no banquet)
extra banquet ticket: 5,000JPY

Payment will be accepted only on site in cash (Japanese yen).
Please register at our web page by Feb 15th.
Spring School (Feb. 27 -- Mar. 1)
Workshop ( Mar. 2 -- Mar. 3)
Site Map:
Site Map for Spring School & Workshop
Organizing Committee:
Takao Asano, Chuo Univ, Program Chair
Takashi Horiyama, Kyoto Univ
Hiro Ito, Kyoto Univ
Kazuo Iwama, Kyoto Univ, Chair of the New Horizon Project
Tetsuro Nishino, UEC, Chair
Yasuhiko Takenaga, UEC
Jun Tarui, UEC

Past workshop: NHC Workshop 2005