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Apr. 23rd (Mon.) The 20th Workshop on Circuits and Systems in Karuizawa Karuizawa Prince Hotel
May 14th (Mon.) -- 15th (Tue.) The 1st General Meeting Tokyo Univ.
May 15th (Tue.) The 1st Steering Committee Meeting Tokyo Univ.
Sep. 12th (Wed.) -- 14th (Fri.) Mini Meeting (Enumeration Algorithms) Gunma Univ.
Sep. Mini-Symposium on NHC Athens, Greece
Sep. 30th (Sun.) -- Oct. 3rd (Wed.) NHC Autumn School on Computational Geometry and Integer Programming Hakusan Seminar House
Dec. 3rd (Mon.) -- 4th (Tue.) Mini Symposium (NHC and the Earth) Kyoto Univ.
Dec. 15th (Sat.) The 2nd General Meeting Tohoku Univ.
Dec. 15th (Sat.) The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting Tohoku Univ.
Dec. 17th (Mon.) -- 19th (Wed.) The 18th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2007) Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu


Feb. 28th (Thu.) -- 29th (Fri.) NHC School on Enumeration Algorithms Maholova Minds
Mar. 7th (Fri.) Mini Meeting (Combinatorial Games & Puzzles) Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mar. 18th (Tue.) IEICE General Conference, COMP-NHC Student Symposium Kita-Kyushu